Office Manager Job Description

Bentonville Christian Academy is a non-profit private, Christian school serving students ages 3 – 6th grade. Bentonville Christian Academy is associated with the Church of Christ and housed with the Bentonville Church of Christ facility. Bentonville Christian Academy seeks to employ persons with a Christian worldview, who commit to the mission of our school: Christ-centered, Family-focused, and Academically-awesome.

Purpose of Position:

The Office Manager serves as the receptionist and main contact person for the school and provides positive public relations and customer service for all the school’s constituents; i.e. visitors, parents, faculty and administration. The Office Manager maintains employee and student records and cares for other personnel and office management duties in addition to performing related office organizational and clerical duties and first aid duties for students and staff. In addition, the office manager will schedule tours of the school and help in communicating with families for the application and admission process.

Reports to: The Head of School

Job Responsibilities:

● Perform receptionist and clerical duties, including:
○ Answering multiple phone lines while maintaining proper phone etiquette at all times
○ Transferring calls, taking and delivering phone messages
○ Responding to the doorbell and buzzing visitors in after determining their reason for visiting
○ Greeting parents, children, guests and visitors
○ Assisting parents in locating their child or child’s class
○ Directing guests and visitors to the desired locations after guiding them through the sign in process and ensuring they have a visitor’s pass or authorized for release pass
○ Correctly logging student pick up information after verifying that an individual is authorized to pick the student up
○ Maintaining and Operating the “all-call” systems in place: ie. the walkie-talkies, the communication app, etc.
○ Operating standard office equipment such as the copier and fax machine
○ Filing paperwork
○ Assisting other administrators in the typing and distribution of materials as requested, as well as aiding them in other tasks as needed
○ Being familiar with the layout of the school as well as classroom schedules
○ Maintaining a professional demeanor at all times, cultivating a positive relationship with staff, families, and students
● Perform office management duties including:
○ Ordering and maintaining office supplies including copy paper for the school
○ Maintaining copiers, reporting problems to service technicians
○ Accepting deliveries and disbursing items to appropriate persons
○ Processing and disbursing incoming mail
○ Notifying maintenance staff of emergency janitorial needs
○ Maintaining good organization of all forms and materials housed in the office
○ Maintaining proper labels for blank forms stored in the office
○ Scheduling, administering and tracking fire, tornado, and lock down drills
○ Printing and distributing Attendance Sheets at the beginning of each week
○ Maintaining Student Information Binder with student information in alphabetical order, including parents’ addresses, phone numbers and email addresses as well as a photo of each child
○ Providing a duplicate copy of Student Information Binder for the Head of School (updated each time it is changed)
○ Maintaining class rosters with current class lists for each class
○ Preparing field trip binders for each class from K through 6th grade with copies of students’ Registration Forms with emergency medical release (update binders any time a change in enrollment occurs with date of printing included)
○ Preparing needed paperwork for teachers such as class lists, phone lists, and copies of students’ registration forms
● Assist in New Student Applications and Admission Process:
○ Schedule tours in coordination with Director of Preschool and Head of School’s schedules.
○ Occasionally give tours of the campus
○ Be knowledgeable and able to answer basic questions about the preschool and elementary programs, the application, and admission process.
● Perform certain personnel management duties including:
○ Providing new employees with required paperwork, including I-9’s, W-4’s, reference checks, employee release forms, background checks, and emergency contact forms.
○ Include copies of each employee’s driver’s license and Social Security cards with their I-9
○ Maintaining a supply of copies of all necessary personnel forms
○ Establishing an individual file on each employee and maintaining a checklist of the employee’s completed paperwork
○ Ensuring that personnel records are in compliance with DHS requirements, monitoring any missing paperwork and informing supervisors when employees have not completed required paperwork
○ Documenting and monitoring due dates for background checks and informing employees or supervisors on a monthly basis of due dates for background checks that need updating
○ Tracking employee leave request and maintaining attendance records on all employees, including teachers, afternoon personnel, and administrators
○ Completing files of employees that are terminated or separated with Record of Separation or Termination to the Head of School. Moving the files to section reserved for past employees
○ Aiding directors in providing orientation for new employees
○ Maintaining records of attendance at orientation sessions and providing directors with lists of new personnel who need to attend
○ Maintaining a Staff Information Binder with staff information in alphabetical order, including photographs, addresses and phone numbers
○ Assist Administration with maintaining training hours
● Organize Substitute Teachers scheduling:
○ Assigning substitutes work schedules for the day
○ Maintaining substitute log
○ Organizing substitutes for special days such as parent conferences, student evaluations, etc.
● Perform first aid and health care duties, including:
○ Administering first aid to children as needed
○ Notifying parents of illness or injury when appropriate, taking special care to notify of any head injuries
○ Ordering and maintaining first aid supplies, including ice packs
○ Administering medications to elementary and middle school children in compliance with DHS regulations
○ Maintaining authorization for administration of medications
○ Providing parents instructions as to the regulations concerning the administration of medications as stated in the Parent Handbook
○ Maintaining Health/Injury Reports
○ Scheduling vision and hearing screenings at the beginning of the school year

Job Qualifications:

High school diploma is required, college experience preferred. Two years office experience and computer skill required, must be proficient in Excel and Word. Strong public relation and customer service skills are mandatory.

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