Are you accredited?

We are not a part of the Arkansas Department of Education, but we create our curriculum to match national and state standards. We are a member of the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association and are in the process of seeking accreditation from the National Christian School Association.

What do you believe?

Our three-fold mission is: Christ-Centered, Family-Focused, and Academically Awesome. Our school is under the Church of Christ, and we operate under a general evangelical statement of faith.

Do you offer Special Education (SPED) services?

Technically, no. We do, however, offer individualized attention that is designed to meet each child’s needs. We will discuss your child’s special needs during the admission process as well as any other time when the need arises during their time as a student. We will determine if our staff is unable to meet your child’s specific needs at that time.

What kind of testing do you perform?

At Bentonville Christian Academy, we believe that learning is of the utmost importance, but we also recognize that measurement of progress is also important. We use the ITBS testing system, which takes one week out of the entire school year. We do not use the state Benchmark exams as we are not accredited with the Arkansas Department of Education.

How much will it cost for my child to attend your school?

We have tuition and fees established for our regular tuition, summer camp programs, and after-school care. Please visit our Tuition & Fees page for more information.

Do you offer financial assistance?

We offer a limited number of donor-funded scholarships and plan to grow this program in the near future.

Will my child have interaction with other age groups?

Yes, we have a limited amount of age-appropriate supervised interaction between all ages, from Pre-K to our school-age students. We believe this helps the students develop better social skills to interact with others that are of a different age. The interaction is also often part of a school-wide activity or initiative.

How do I enroll my child(ren)?

We have a specific admissions process for each of our major age groups. Visit our Pre-K admissions page or our K-6 admissions page to learn more.

Do you offer After School Care?

Yes, our after-school care program is relatively new and is available for current BCA students only. For more information, visit our After-School Care program page.

Do you offer lunch?

Yes. We offer catered lunches for all students as part of our regular programming. What’s more, parents are allowed to join their child for lunch.

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