Individualized Attention

Our preschool teachers understand that the safety and well-being of your babies are your number one priority and that is why it is their number one priority as well! With small class sizes, teachers have the opportunity to know the needs and personalities of each child in their classroom. These small class sizes also allow students to receive all of the love and attention that they need for strong social and emotional development.

Learning Without Tears

Learning should always be as fun as possible. This is why our preschool classes use Learning Without Tears, a hands on curriculum that teachers letter formation and early writing practices through songs, building, and puppetry.

Hands-On Experiences

Project-based learning does not stop at our Early Writing curriculum – it is used throughout the entire school day! Preschoolers are just beginning to learn about the world around them, and the best way for them to accomplish that is by using their five senses and their imagination! Our classrooms and activities are packed with opportunities for students to experience their world through different lenses!

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