Our academic philosophy is right there in our mission: we believe in being Academically Awesome! What does that mean, exactly? How do we achieve that level of excellence for each student?

First of all, we focus on tailoring what we do for each student. We believe in meeting each person where they are and helping them succeed. We also believe in both challenging and supporting our students throughout our aligned curriculum programs.

We have very small classes much for that reason. This allows our teachers and other staff the ability to assess and meet each child’s academic needs. We benchmark national and state standards in our curriculum, and ISPs are created for students who need modifications to our standard classroom teaching. We are also privileged to extend the learning beyond the expected grade-level standards with hands-on activities and real-world connections.

Special Services

Because of our ability to accurately and nimbly address individual needs, we do not have a Special Education (SPED) program. We will assess each special needs child’s situation during the admissions process and will determine if our highly qualified staff can meet those specific requirements.

Daily Chapel

As a faith-based school, we also require daily chapel attendance and incorporate the Bible throughout our academic programs.

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