At BCA, our culture is very family-oriented in that we take care of each other and we work well together as a unit. Our foundational beliefs about how our entire staff operates are based on these Six Essential Agreements:

  1. I will do what’s best for children
  2. I will filter my actions (decisions, discussions, etc.) through God’s word
  3. I will be fully engaged (smile, passion, enthusiasm)
  4. If I wonder, I will ask
  5. I will always assume and demonstrate good intent
  6. I will be responsible for change

These six agreements foster a better environment for everyone at BCA from the staff to the students.

Culture and Requirements

All our teachers are highly qualified, well-trained educators who offer a wide range of teaching experience. Our staff members, including teachers, are all dedicated to bringing our school’s mission to life for each student they encounter.

At BCA, an Arkansas teaching certificate is preferred, but not required. Despite that, all our K – 6 teachers are certified in the areas in which they teach. We do require that all our lead positions are filled by members of the Church of Christ. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Open Positions

We currently have positions open for

    • 3rd Grade Lead Teacher for the 2021-2022 School Year. Applicants for this position must hold a bachelor’s degree at minimum and be a member of a Church of Christ.
    • 4th & 5th Grade Lead Teacher for the 2021-2022 School Year. Applicants for this position must hold a bachelor’s degree at minimum and be a member of a Church of Christ.
    • Part-Time Teaching Assistant for our extended day program. The hours for this position are Monday – Friday 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Must be 18 years of age. Previous work with children is a plus.

Bentonville Christian Academy is currently seeking applicants for a 7th-grade facilitator and teacher for Bible and History. Applicants for this position must hold a bachelor’s degree at a minimum and be a member of a Church of Christ. Experience with both online and face-to-face learning platforms or working with students in a one-on-one learning environment is a plus.

We are also seeking applicants for, Elementary Assistant, Spanish Substitute, Lead Teachers and Assistant Teachers for our preschool program.  Applicants for these positions must be a high school graduate and lead teachers must be a member of a Church of Christ.  Applicants with  experience working with children are preferred.

Bentonville Christian Academy is a non-profit private, Christian school serving students ages 3 – 6th grade.  Bentonville Christian Academy is associated with the Church of Christ and housed within the Bentonville Church of Christ facility.  Bentonville Christian Academy seeks to employ persons with a Christian worldview, who commit to the mission of our school: Christ-Centered, Family-Focused, and Academically-Awesome.

Head of School

Bentonville Christian Academy (BCA) is seeking the next Head of School. The new Head of School will have a demonstrated faith in and love for God and appreciate the value of a Christian education.

This newly-created leadership role will lead BCA’s pre-kindergarten, elementary, and junior high schools. The Head of School embodies, articulates, and ensures BCA’s mission. In keeping with the school’s mission, the Head of School fosters the traditions, relationships, and practices that determine the school’s climate and culture. The Head of School will report directly to the Board and will be responsible for the overall leadership and day-to-day management of the school. Though much of the work is properly delegated, the Head of School has ultimate and overall responsibility for board relations, curriculum and instruction, student life, business affairs, admission and advancement. The candidate will ideally begin this role in summer 2023.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and vision for BCA, maintaining a Christ-like attitude in all situations while cultivating a community of faith, integrity, trust, and innovation.
  • Serve as BCA’s Chief Executive Officer, reporting directly to the Board.
    Develop and execute BCA’s strategic plans and policies, with Board support and approval.
  • Work with Division Heads to ensure students receive the highest quality education and all accreditation requirements are met.
  • Develop and lead BCA’s development, fundraising, and marketing efforts.
    Grow BCA’s enrollment across all levels.
  • Maintain positive relationships with all of BCA’s stakeholders.
  • Communicate the school’s mission, goals, and needs to faculty, staff, students, families, stakeholders, the community, and the Board.
  • Represent BCA at academic, organizational, extracurricular, and community events.
  • Ensure sound operation within the approved budget.

Specific Duties to include:

  • Serve as a visible, approachable, and accessible leader who is actively engaged in the daily activities of the school.
  • Promote the effective operations and ongoing progress of BCA by building a strong team, ensuring an efficient and effective administrative structure, empowering others while holding them accountable, and attracting, hiring, and retaining highly qualified, knowledgeable faculty, and administrators who support and uphold the school’s mission.
  • Steward the resources of the school through sound fiscal management and planning and prudent oversight and development of all funds and facilities.
  • Lead fundraising activities by cultivating and soliciting donors both on an ongoing basis and in conjunction with future capital campaign activities.
  • Strengthen relationships with alumni, stakeholders, teachers, current families, and supporters.

Board Relations

  • The Head of School is an ex officio, non-voting, member of the board and all board committees.
  • Keeps the board informed of all matters relating to the school through reports at board meetings and immediate communication following major school events or happenings.
  • Provides data to assist the board in its work.
  • Makes recommendations to the board for approval of the operating and capital budgets, including all categories of income and expenditures.
  • Assists the board chair and/or executive committee in setting board and committee meeting agendas and discussion topics.
  • Staffs the board’s strategic planning process.
  • Jointly with the board, sets annual goals for his/her performance.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Upholds the academic and ethical standards of the school.
  • Hires, supervises, and dismisses administrators and staff members.
  • Fosters professionalism, collegiality, and ethical conduct in the faculty.

Student Life

  • Administers the school’s discipline policies and standards of conduct.
  • Supervises the school’s support system, such as academic support, before- and after-school programs, health and wellness, summer programs, etc.
  • Oversees the school safety programs including building security, emergency procedures, transportation regulations, tornado and fire drills, etc.

Business, Finance, and Plant Operations

  • Understands and supervises the business functions of the school, including budgeting; monitoring and reporting income, expenses, investments, and cash flow; maintenance of appropriate records; and assisting the school’s vendors.
  • Oversees all employment and human relations matters, such as contracts, salaries, benefits, job assignments, job orientation, performance evaluation, retentions and dismissals, personnel records, employee handbooks, etc.
  • In coordination with the church, oversees the maintenance and cleaning of the buildings, grounds, and all plant operations including vehicles, grounds, etc.
  • Plans and executes all major capital purchases, repairs, and building projects.

Admissions, Marketing, and Financial Aid

  • Supervises the admissions functions of the school, including recruitment programs, internal marketing, external outreach website development and maintenance, information dissemination, and applicant testing and interviewing.
  • Supervises the admissions decision-making process, including administration of the school’s financial aid program

Advancement and Fund-Raising

  • Plans and optimizes the school’s fund-raising programs such as the annual fund, capital campaigns, planned giving, and major events.
  • Leads the schools development efforts in identifying, cultivating, thanking, and communicating with past and prospective donors.
  • Supervises all volunteer efforts such as those donated by individuals or the parents’ association, booster clubs, alumni council, etc. all of which report to the Head of School or his/her designee.
  • Build and maintain relationships with the school and community.
    Set fundraising goals and lead a team to meet goals.

Strategic Planning

  • Create and cast a vision for the future of BCA, through the development of a strategic plan, toward growing as a faithfully Christian learning environment.
  • Promote the mission, vision and values of BCA and design outcomes and assessment aligned to the school mission statement.

Desired Qualities and Qualifications

  • Member of the Church of Christ.
  • An advanced degree in education, finance, business or related field.
  • A trustworthy follower of Jesus who maintains confidentiality and exhibits respect in each conversation and relationship, building confidence in the position and the school through honesty and integrity.
  • A strategic and visionary leader whose imagination, ability to anticipate needs and opportunities, and purposeful and courageous approach to change advances the school consistent with its mission, vision, and passion.
  • Experience leading in an educational or professional setting that values scholarship and critical inquiry, encourages personal development, promotes ethical behavior, and sustains a strong sense of community.
  • A successful track record in strategic planning, financial planning, fundraising and administration, and managing an organization of a similar or larger size.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to articulate a Christ-centered mission, to execute strategic initiatives, and to preserve and grow a culture that places utmost importance on relationships that define Christian community.
  • Familiarity with the field of education in general including current research, challenges and best practices.
  • Deeply committed to Jesus Christ and to educating the next generation toward impacting their world for Christ.
  • In agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith and biblically integrated Christian philosophy of education and passionate about Christian education.
    Experience successfully leading teams required within an educational setting preferred.
  • Experience in business operations including budgeting and creating procedures and processes.
  • Successful fundraising experience.

To Apply

Please submit your resume or CV, cover letter, and statement of philosophy of Christian education to

Applicants for these positions must hold a bachelor’s degree at minimum and be a member of a Church of Christ.

We currently have all positions filled. Please check back again later!

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